- I want a drawing to support me.
- I am the drawing.
‘May the sky be the background’ is a performance where I, suspended in my artwork,
draw lines in the air.
I draw supported by my strokes.
During weekends I share this performance with people who want to stop by.
Way of working:
a - I suspend myself in the drawing.
b - I mark points of tension.
c - I catch and unfold lines - draw.

In 2014 I performed this action during the weekends. On March 9 th I shared this action as a closure of the work at my place near Lolog lake. Together with the performance, I designed my house as an art exhibition room where I broadcasted video-art performances and showed some drawings and records of the process of this work

Place: Villa Quilquihue - Lago Lolog. Junín de Los Andes
80kg of wire
140 kg of bailing wire
approximate dimensions: height: 8 m - length: 25 m - width: 4 m

Production Assistants: Tomás Campbell y Yago Gazali
Creative Assistant: Caco Fernandez
Collaborators: Marta Caorsi, Clint Rickards, Wolf Herold.