Stimulated by the wind she holds her breath and dives without worrying about consequences.
Her jump is not one of a professional, her hips are twisted and her legs misaligned.
It is a drawing in the air. A bunch of lines which reveals her human and feminine figure.
The flow of her hair contradicts her motion, it falls tousled over her face.
Nahuel Huapi Lake is cold and she is naked.
The eternal jump lasts one moment, cars on Bustillo Avenue pass beneath her, several people raise their heads, others are distracted by the traffic or see only a strange knot of wire.
The moment turns into night and she is still there. Her lines stand out against the darkness of the sky.
The time manifests itself in her body and corrodes it.
As day arrives she is still there, suspended in the air.

"Dedicated to all artists of Argentina, dead or alive."


80 kilograms (178lbs) of wrapping wire bunched up and arranged over a
length of 14m (46ft), width of 1.7m (5.6ft) and a height of 1.5m
This 'drawing' was constructed in the yard of my house near Lake Lolog
in Junin de los Andes, transported by a 14m (46ft) truck and installed
at a height of 11m (36ft) above Avenida Bustillon at the shoresof Lake
Nahuel Huapi.

Photos: Santiago Gaudio
Production: Arte Insitu